15 press release examples

Press release examples : Our models

This page presents different press release examples. We show you, through examples, what to do and what not to do! The best press release writing practices we recommend are available on this page.

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Companies design products : it’s complicated, uncertain and expensive work.

There are two ways to introduce a new product to their potential consumers :

  • Advertisement
  • Press releases

Advertising is expensive or very expensive and its “ads” status makes it less credible to the consumer. Because advertising is by nature not objective. And the consumer knows it. The press release should be sent to journalists concerned by this type of product/news.


1. Press release examples for product launch

In the context of a press release of “product launch” you must make appear very quickly, even in the title if possible if not in the first paragraph, how the product is innovative. Because only innovation is likely to attract the journalist’s attention. Innovation can reside in different levels. First product in a country or a geographical area, first product at European level, first product on the world market. It can also be a technological innovation. Or an assembly of technologies that defines a real and new technology. The examples of press releases below illustrate it.

press release product launchpress release product launch

Press release example : Ingenico

press release product launchpress release product launch

Comments on this press release example :

Although we can not properly speaking of a “product” in this example, but we can assimilate it because it holds “in the hand”.

  • There are already chat-bots and there are already electronic payment solutions.
  • The real novelty here lies in the integration of both. And that’s what is announced in the title. It is thus a title which risks to arouse the curiosity of the recipient.
  • The title is short and clear, the intertitles are present: the document is comfortable to read.
  • Essential information is quickly available.  
  • On the other hand, the introductory paragraph is too long. It deserves to be split in two to air its reading. A simple return to the line would suffice to air the document. Same remark for the second paragraph, it lacks “aeration”.
  • A simple carriage return would make reading more comfortable.

Press release examples : Canon

press release canonpress release canon

Our comments on this press release example :


  • Innovation is clearly announced in the title
  • The benefit-client is announced : “innovative experiences”
  • Canon says the product will be shown in a Fair

To correct

  • The title is a bit long to fit in subject of an email.
  • The first paragraph is too long

Sincerely the document is a bit “indigestible”. It is a bit massive. The first paragraph is 10 lines thick. The human eye does not like this type of presentation. Because the eye must make efforts to browse the lines . A line is clearly missing in the middle of the paragraph.

Press releases examples : launch service

The press release for a service launch follows the same rules as for product launch.

The product has a certain advantage: it can be shown through different photos. Human brain is lazy : it does not like to read, it prefers images. The disadvantage of communicating a new service is that it is difficult to show it through visuals such as photos.

It is therefore necessary to describe it clearly :

  • what?
  • who ?
  • how?  
  • what are the benefits and what is price?

The message should quickly indicate what problem this service provides a solution

Examples of press releases to announce an event

An event is a news that is relatively easy to describe : thematic, date, place, price, etc

Public or professional shows, play, show, meeting, sport event, etc : the media are fond of this type of news because they are easily treatable in the “agenda” of their media.

It is relevant to propose a “press invitation” to the targeted journalists. This can be a free entry, an invitation to the launch cocktail, etc.

Exemple 1 event :

4. Press release examples : announce a partnership

If your company signs a partnership agreement with a company it is relevant to be the subject of a press release
This is all the more relevant if you sign a partnership with a known company. Because everyone is interested in those with which large companies sign trade agreements.

5. Press release examples : announce figures or a study

The media are fond of numbers, statistics because it is very easy to process. Provided that the “source” of these figures or statistics is credible.

You must therefore be able to justify your statistics by a sufficient amount of data source to be able to claim a reliable statistics.

Press releases about the economic performance of a company are the easiest to write.

6. Press release examples : announce an acquisition/merge

It is a classic news of the type “corporate”. Who buys who?
corporate acquisitions are part of the traditional news of the press “business” or the press “business”.

Acquisitions or mergers are significant events in the growth of a business or the maturation of a market. This is called the market concentration phase.

General tips

A press release[1] is not a literary work … So avoid grammatical or syntactic formulas that are too heavy.

Forget the writer inside you

Clearly, forget the writer who lies dormant in you … Because a press release is not made to sell but to describe and inform! Privilege the following construction: SUBJECT-VERB-COMPLEMENT.

In the morning …

The recipient of your press release receives a lot of press releases. So make it easy for him. Ban the indirect style : it is painful for the brain … especially in the morning at 9am when the recipient opens his mailbox …

Rule of 10 seconds

To find out if your release is effective and clear there is a simple method. Give your release to someone who does not know the subject. Then leave the document in front of him for 10 seconds and then ask him to summarize in two sentences what the document is about.

Be clear and concise

Do not make sentences that exceed 20 words. Do not make paragraphs too long, without punctuation … Your text seems clear to you because you wrote it. On the other hand the reader does not necessarily have the same mode of reading as you. And so we must simplify his work by offering a sequential reading in direct style.

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