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Definition, Synonyms, Translations of grumping by The Free Dictionary grump (grŭmp) n. 1. A cranky complaining person. 2. grumps A fit of ill temper. Used with the : “Hannah had the grumps, for being up late didn’t suit her” (Louisa May Alcott). intr.v. grumped , grump·ing , grumps 1. To mutter complaints. 2. To behave in a grumpy manner. [...

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Choosing the best in the US

In December, 2004 the best chess players in the country will be heading to San Diego, for the US Championship. Last year’s winners, Alexander Shabalov and Anna Hahn may have some interesting challengers. Susan Grumer reports… From Uncertainty Comes Hope Last January GM Alexander Shabalov and WGM Anna Hahn won the US Championship in the men’s and women’s sections respectively....

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Grumer – If you want to listen to the audio version of ULTIMATE STARTUP PRESS RELEASE GUIDE, press play here. Whether you work for a startup, a multinational, or simply for yourself, press releases are a fundamental aspect of any media strategy. That’s why we’ve put this guide together, to walk you through the following: Everything you need to...


15 press release examples

Press release examples : Our models This page presents different press release examples. We show you, through examples, what to do and what not to do! The best press release writing practices we recommend are available on this page. Introduction Companies design products : it’s complicated, uncertain and expensive work. There are two ways to introduce a new product to...

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