PetSmart is hosting a National Adoption event in Canada this weekend

If you live in Canada and have been thinking about bringing home a new furry friend, this weekend might be the perfect time. From Feb. 28 until March 1, PetSmart[1] locations across Canada will be taking part in what the company is calling a National Adoption Weekend.

This adoption weekend will feature a wide assortment of adoptable critters[2], especially dogs and cats. And if you decide to bring home a dog this weekend, your new furry friend will head home with a free sweater or coat!

According to Narcity[3], this is the first adoption event of the year for PetSmart[4] in Canada, and they are definitely making sure they do things right. It is said that almost all 140 stores in Canada will be taking part in this adoption event, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to find your new furever friend.

While PetSmart[5] typically hosts a number of adoption events every year, this first weekend is all about finding you a pup that wants to get out into nature with you. And that means that they need the right gear for those outdoor trips. This is why any pup adopted this weekend at the National Adoption event will receive a free sweater or coat. After all, your new fur baby needs to stay warm while you take them for their walk!

In a press release[6] from PetSmart about this event, the company explained, “With warmer temperatures and longer days on the horizon, now is a great time to bring home a new pet. Sharing a fun activity like a daily walk outside can establish a healthy routine for both pet parent and pet and creates a positive bonding experience while a pet becomes acclimated to their new environment.”

Even if you aren’t ready to bring home a new fur baby, you can still help out by sharing a picture of an adoptable animal at this event and sharing it on social media with #PicMe accompanying the image. This will help get the news out about the adoption event and the animals that are looking for homes.

We love the fact that PetSmart[7] is hosting such a massive adoption event in Canada, and it is even more exciting that the pups who get adopted are getting a free sweater (or coat) to rock as they head to their new homes.

What do you think of this adoption event? Would you like to see more events like this? If you are in Canada will you be heading to PetSmart to check out the adoptable animals? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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